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What Is The Rotary Bearing?
Oct 22, 2016

Slewing bearing is nearly forty years worldwide emerging new type of mechanical parts, it is composed of inner and outer ring, rolling body, etc, at present, finalize the design production of slewing bearing in China, mainly in the early 80 s by the ministry of machinery industry in tianjin institute of engineering machinery group introduced the former federal republic of Germany Rothe Erde design and manufacturing technology of the company. Released on December 20, 1984 of the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard: JB / 2300-2300 the rotary bearing type, basic parameters and technical requirements, composed mainly of machinery and electronics industry of tianjin engineering machinery research institute, xuzhou slewing bearing factory is responsible for drafting, the country then issued standard of construction machinery in 1991: JB36.1-36.3-91, released in 1999 and 2011 successively new machinery industry standard JB / 2300-2300 and JB / 2300-2011.

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