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Vertical Method And Heat Treatment Of Forged Steel Couplings Parts
Jul 14, 2017

The design of the Forged Steel Couplings must take into account the amount of axial displacement between the two connections, which should be greater than 6 mm. Forged Steel Couplings installation, should be set in the direction of thermal expansion necessary compensation. The structure of the gear Forged Steel Couplings without spacer sleeve shall be such that the gear sleeve is allowed to move in the proper amount so that the inner and outer teeth are disengaged in order to check the working conditions of the gears and the maintenance of the equipment without removing the Forged Steel Couplings. The Forged Steel Couplings structure should ensure that all parts are precisely centered. Chimeric internal and external teeth should be used to set the center of the tooth. In order to reduce the potential imbalance, the tooth circumference backlash.

The Forged Steel Couplings seller shall specify the required bolt tightening torque values. The vertical flange of the hub and spacer should be made of hinged hole bolts and self-locking nuts with a hole tolerance zone of H8. Bolts should be limited to a certain range of quality, to avoid interchange when the balance of the Forged Steel Couplings has a negative impact. When the buyer on the Forged Steel Couplings by the electrical insulation requirements, should choose a spacer with a spacer, and in the flange surface and the bolt should be an electrical insulation parts.

The vertical bending surface of the Forged Steel Couplings part has a tolerance level of 6 for the end face of the rotation center and 6 for the other end face, and the tolerance of the mating surface to the rotation center is 6 Level; other cylindrical surface radial beveling tolerance level of 7; mating surface, guide the face of the rotation center of the coaxial degree of tolerance level of 5. Flexible Forged Steel Couplings

The heat treatment of the Forged Steel Couplings is divided into preparation heat treatment (or preheating) and heat treatment (or final heat treatment). In the modern industrial production, the heat treatment of the Forged Steel Couplings has become a very important technical specification. This is due to the excellent mechanical properties of steel and certain alloys - high hardness, strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance, etc., in the smelting of the required chemical composition, the last to be heat treatment to obtain, therefore, in order to reach the technology On the need to, we produced in the process of Forged Steel Couplings, the demand for heat treatment of the Forged Steel Couplings processing.

Coupler heat treatment is the metal or alloy in the solid range, through the family, insulation, cooling, organic coordination, so that metal or alloy change the internal arrangements to get the required function of the operation technology, the heat treatment of the Forged Steel Couplings is a modern machinery Industrial, metallurgical industry to improve product quality and extend the life of the machine parts is not a short part of the ring.

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