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Understand The Knowledge Of Flange Gaskets For Forged Steel Flanges
Jun 13, 2017

Some customers and we are in the material flange contract, let us put bolts and gaskets, together to help them, we are to tell the customer frankly, we are the production of forged Forged Steel Flanges of the factory, we do not produce gasket products do not produce bolts, but, we often give some use units, to match, so what kind of flange matching what kind of fasteners matching what kind of flange gasket, we still do know. At the same time let our flange factory also constantly increase their knowledge of the gasket, in fact, flange gasket is a kind of products, it is, a pipe fittings.

Forged Steel Flanges products with gaskets and screw bolts together a sealed joint body. Speaking of which, this gasket is a very important part in the flange connection. Its principle is the use of bolts through the bolt holes above the flange, in the role of the bolt preload, also is blunt said that the reinforcement bolts in the process of tightening the bolts inside for, it corresponds to the flange product sealing surface pressure.

At this time the gasket was placed inside two Forged Steel Flanges. Two pieces of flange through the constant extrusion of bolts, you are tightly connected, so that the middle of the gasket also flange sealing surface of a grass full of fill, thus let, Forged Steel Flanges products After the completion of the connection will not leak, Forged Steel Flanges products are the most afraid of failure, the main performance in what is said that you are the test of the flange product of the leak occurred, the leak, a lot of places, For example, the flange product itself has laminated this Forged Steel Flanges product is unqualified, and then pressure, this is the pressure of water, along this flange inside the mezzanine outflow to equal, this system all unqualified leak.

What about your equipment? That is, it will cause a lot of energy and raw materials waste, it is small said in the suppression of the time when this situation, in case that the crackdown has been completed over a period of time, Forged Steel Flanges product leakage, regardless of whether the gasket or from the bolt, or from Framben body so will give some equipment, resulting in discontinued scrap, staff casualties or other important pollution and so on, So it is very important to say that the flange gasket and the bolt as well as the construction and so on.

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