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Test Of Mechanical Properties Of Forged Steel Flanges
Jun 13, 2017

Forged steel flanges thread connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low pressure and small diameter with wire flange, high pressure and low pressure large diameter are used welding flange, different pressure flange thickness and connection bolt diameter and quantity is different.

Forged steel flanges mechanical properties test and sample management requirements 1. Determination of mechanical performance test Where the flange products have one of the following requirements, it should be carried out mechanical performance test: ① users in the order contract requires mechanical performance test. ② the user according to a standard order, and the standard requires mechanical performance test. ③ technical departments that the need for mechanical performance testing. ④ flange by batch test mechanical performance test.

2 Determination of mechanical performance test items 2.1 Carbon steel flange should be the following items of mechanical performance test: ① tensile strength ② yield limit ③ elongation ④ cross-section shrinkage ⑤ impact absorption work ⑥ hardness 2.2 austenite Stainless steel flanges should be used for mechanical performance test items and carbon steel flanges should be the same for mechanical performance test items, in addition, should also be "intergranular corrosion" test. 2.3 in accordance with the special requirements of the user's mechanical properties and high power organization inspection project.

3. Determination of the furnace, batch inspection of the 3.1 forging state of the flange, each steel or each heat treatment batch should be a group of mechanical properties test, that is, a tensile test and a group of three impact test (a pull three red ). 3.2 In the following cases, only a set of tests for each furnace, instead of each heat treatment batch for each furnace are tested for the way, that is, each heat treatment temperature is the same, heat treatment furnace temperature control within 15 º C, And a temperature recorder can be a complete heat treatment records.

4. Preparation of mechanical properties of the test specimen 4.1 The mechanical performance test and sampling instructions issued by the technical departments and production departments in the form of documents, production units and inspection departments according to the implementation of the document. 4.2 When issuing the "Product Feature Notice", the technical department shall fill in the relevant requirements in detail in the special requirements column and attach the necessary drawings. When the production department issues the "Production Task Notice", it shall be included in the production task directive.

5. Samples in the form, size and sampling 5.1 Inspection of mechanical properties of the sample collection is in the heat treatment of the flange after the random extraction, in the extraction of the entire flange on the appropriate part of the blank cut the sample, or with Flange Forgings Single Forged Samples. What form is determined by the technical department. The general situation to take the form of forging rough. 5.2 in the overall flange on the specimen and the size of the sample by the technical department with reference to the national standard "steel mechanics and process performance test page 2 of 4 sampling requirements", and according to user requirements and specific circumstances to determine.

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