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Strategic Goal Of ASTM
Oct 22, 2016

1, provide the most suitable environment and support to the technical society, the continuous development of relevant standards, and further expand the relevant information.
2, ensure the ASTM products and services is the most timely and accurate.
3, increase the transparency of ASTM, expand the value of the ASTM standard and the service in the global market.
4, strengthening the ASTM products and services not only in the country, but also more widely accepted and used in the world.
5, make the resources of the ASTM, method, technology and equipment is more suitable for the change of the market, meet market demand.
6, through equal participation of major shareholders to ensure that the ASTM represents the voice of the majority.
7, maintain the basic stability of the ASTM, ensure it to fulfill the social responsibility and moral duty.

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