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Introduction Of Flanges
Oct 18, 2017

Flanges are an integral part of piping systems. Let’s take a look at what they do, what they’re made of, and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

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1. What is a flange?

A flange is one method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment in piping systems. They’re usually welded or screwed, and flanged joints are built by bolting two flanges together with a gasket between them to create a seal.

2.What are they made of?

Flanges are made of many different materials. There are cast iron flanges, aluminum flanges, brass flanges, high pressure steel flanges, etc. However, the most popular material for flanges is forged carbon steel. The material that the flange is made of is often selected to match the material of the pipe it will used with.

Additionally, like pipes and fittings, flanges can be internally coated with other materials in order to give them unique and useful properties. These flanges are called ‘lined flanges’.

3.Types of Flanges

There is an assortment of different flanges to choose from.

Some of the most frequently used ones include:

Weld neck flange

Slip on flange

Socketweld flange

Lap joint flange

Threaded flange

Blind flange

Some specialty flanges include:

Orifice flanges

Long welding neck flanges

Weldoflange / Nipoflange

Expander flange

Reducing flange

4.Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Flanges

There are no standards that dictate whether flange connections should be used or not, but flanges do have pros and cons that should be weighed when considering them for a project.

Flanges provide easy access for inspection, modification and cleaning. They can also eliminate the need for the pipe spools to be welded. Furthermore, they make blasting, painting and NDO in the plant unnecessary, because all of this can be done in the workshop.

However, flange connections also have their drawbacks. Some say that flanges are slightly more prone to leaking. Furthermore, flanged pipe systems generally need more space.

If you consider the pros and cons and decide that flanges are right for your project, please contact

Wuxi Baiye Metal Technology Co.,Ltd for a quote. We are professional OEM manufacturer and suppler. We can supply a large variety of ANSI flanges for whatever your project might call for. Plus, we can ship your order internationally and get it to you fast.






Wuxi Baiye Metal manufactures all types of Forged Flanges such as Weldneck, Slip-on, Socket Weld, Threaded, Lapped and Blind as per ANSI B-16.5 & ASA B-16.5, covering sizes from 1/2″ to 24″, pressure ratings from class 150 to 2,500 and temperature rating -200 F to 15000. Studs, Nuts and Gaskets for these Flanges are also provided.

Flanges to API specifications 6A such as 6B and 6BX (Threaded, Weldneck, Blind, Test, Integral, Adapter & Companion Flanges) for any size & pressure ratings from 2,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI can be catered to. Large dia flanges to API 605, from size NPS 26″ to 48″ and ratings 150 to 900 are also manufactured and supplied. Slipon and Weld Neck Flanges as per BS 3293, of class 150, 300, 400, 600 from size NPS 26″ to 48″ can also be manufactured. Ring Joint Gaskets and Grooves are provided as per ASME B 16.20, ANSI B 16.5 & API-6A.

Orifice Flanges/Meter Runs as per ANSI B-16.36, API 2530 and AGA-3 specifications with orifice plates can also be provided for any class and size. Flanges in other standards such as BIS, BS, DIN, ISO, JIS, can also be manufactured to meet the customer’s requirements.

Studs & Nuts

Wuxi Baiye metal manufactures Studs & Nuts to API 6A & ANSI B 16.5, in various materials and sizes.


Wuxi Baiye Metal manufactures Ring Joint Gaskets in all sizes and materials to ASME B 16. 20 & API6A.

Flanged Fittings

Flanged, Studded Crosses and Tees from sizes 1.13/16″ to 4.1/16″ and for pressure ratings from 2000 PSI to 20000 PSI are manufactured and supplied.

Pipe Fittings (Butt Welded)

Wuxi Baiye Metal manufactures Pipe Fittings, Butt-Welded, such as Elbows, Returns,Tees, Reducers etc. as per ASME B-16.9. The Butt -Welded Ends are prepared as per ANSI B-16.25.

Forged Socket Welded & Threaded Fittings

Forged, Socket Welded & Threaded Fittings can also be supplied to specifications ASME B-16.11 in pressure ratings of 2000, 3000 & 6000 PSI.

Steel Pipe Fittings, Screwed and Socket Welded Fittings as per BS 3799 for pressure rating of 3000 PSI and 6000 PSI and as per IS:1239, and Bends to BS 534 & IS:1239 are also manufactured and supplied.

Seamless Pipes

Wuxi Baiye Metal ACT can also supply Line Pipes as per AP 5L, Seamless Tubings and Casings as per API 5CT and also Pipes as per ASTM standard in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel.

Specially Forged Products

Following forged products can also be supplied in machined / un-machined condition:

Any closed die forging to single piece weight upto 200 and open forging to single piece weight up to 2000 Kg.

Forgings for oil field products, automobile products, piping products, products for nuclear applications and special engineering products


The above items can be supplied in Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Alloy Steel, Super Alloys as 17-4 PH, MONEL, INCONEL etc., meeting any International Standards e.g. ASTM, API, BIS, JIS, DIN, AISI, ISO, BS & IS etc.

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