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Forged Steel Couplings Are Used In Longitudinal Power Transmission
Jul 05, 2017

Forged Steel Couplings are mainly used for linear multi-station positioning. These devices are typically driven in the application by a servo motor or a stepper motor. In the past, the belt slide, usually in the motor and belt pulley between the use of single-type spiral coupling, but because the servo motor and screw coupling with the resonance problem, had to find other Forged Steel Couplings. But the belt sliding device space is very limited, so many Forged Steel Couplings can not be selected. The same time as the above-

This Forged Steel Couplings has the advantage that the screw Forged Steel Couplings does not have. The main advantage of this claw-type coupling is that the change in vibration characteristics is sufficient to deviate the natural frequency of the system from the resonant frequency that is common to the coupling. The engineers also cited a number of other advantages, including forward and reverse transmission without gaps, a pair of fixed screws to eliminate axial sliding, longer life and so on. In addition, the intermediate elastomers of such Forged Steel Couplings have different hardness options to suit different angular and axial displacements.

Forged Steel Couplings used in the vertical power transmission, because the two axes is a bit angled or concentric on the issue, so the use of Forged Steel Couplings to solve this problem, there is also a function is to protect the role of equipment.

Forged Steel Couplings are mechanical parts that are used to couple two shafts (master and slave shafts) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque. In the high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some Forged Steel Couplings also have the role of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft. The coupling consists of two halves, which are connected to the drive shaft and the slave shaft, respectively. General power machine mostly by means of Forged Steel Couplings and work machine connected. In short a word: as long as the axis and the axis of the connection, almost all use the coupling, my home is the Acre's coupling. Broadly as long as the need to connect the axis where the coupling can be used. Mechanical transmission, such as fans, conveyor belt; all kinds of machinery, engineering vehicles used to drive kinetic energy.

Forged Steel Couplings of the application is very broad, under normal circumstances as long as the motor or reducer will use the coupling, large fan and motor connection, large coupling in the metallurgical machinery used more.

Different Forged Steel Couplings have different roles, the role of a variety of Forged Steel Couplings are as follows: First, the prime mover and the work of the machine axis and transfer torque. Second, it is appropriate to compensate for the two shafts due to manufacturing, installation and other factors caused by radial axial and angular error. Third, the safety coupling When the overload occurs, the coupling slip or pin off to protect the work of machinery. Fourth, the elastic coupling also buffer, vibration and improve the role of shaft dynamic performance.

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