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Forged Steel Couplings Adjustment When Looking For Attention
Jul 14, 2017

The Forged Steel Couplings is filled with working fluid. When the pump wheel is rotated by the prime mover, the working fluid is driven by the pump wheel blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, the working fluid flows along the surface of the pump working chamber to the turbine, producing tangential forces. When the working fluid in the pump wheel flows into the turbine chamber, the turbine blades are pushed by the tangential force so that the turbine obtains torque. At the beginning of the turbine, the torque on the turbine is not sufficient to overcome the load and therefore does not rotate with the pump wheel. With the pump wheel speed increases, into the working chamber of the oil increased, the role of the force on the turbine and the resulting torque is getting bigger and bigger.

Forged Steel Couplings adjustment to find a few points when the note

(1) If the concentricity of the Forged Steel Couplings is detected before the anchor bolts are tightened, it is not necessary to rush to remove the measuring tool after adjustment. Because in the process of fastening the anchor bolts, due to improper fastening method, or the anchor bolts near the horn is not supported and other reasons, will result in tightening after installation accuracy changes. General requirements, fastened and then tested again, or side fastening, edge detection, to ensure the concentricity of the two axes.

(2) in the field when installed, subject to conditions, for the adjustment of the level of the horn are mostly different thickness of the iron plate. In use, be sure to iron edge of the burr, welding slag and other debris clean, to prevent the components in the adjustment, due to vibration and other reasons, resulting in debris broken, horn support is not strong, parts sink or Position changes, so that the concentricity of the Forged Steel Couplings changes, resulting in equipment installation accuracy can not meet the requirements. Generally in the adjustment to meet the requirements, the horn welded together.

(3) When installing, first install the roller part, and then use the drum spindle as the reference axis to measure the concentricity of the reducer output shaft and the drum spindle. After the reducer component has been adjusted, the concentricity of the motor shaft is measured with the reducer input shaft as the reference axis. However, because the brake wheel Forged Steel Couplings is installed on the input shaft of the gear unit, the motor and the brake are mounted on the motor base. Before adjusting the motor shaft, first set the brake wheel on the table as the base, the brake on the brake shoe adjusted, and then adjust the motor shaft and reducer input shaft concentricity.

When the torque is sufficient to overcome the load, the turbine starts to rotate and the conveyor is driven by the gear unit. Forged Steel Couplingss in the rated torque slip of 3% to 5%. The efficiency of the Forged Steel Couplings is 97% to 95%. When the transmitter is overloaded, the load on the turbine increases, the turbine speed decreases, and the circulation increases, causing negative pressure at the annular gap between the turbine and the inner edge of the pump wheel, reducing the posterior chamber pressure. Therefore, the oil on the pump by the small hole behind the people after the auxiliary room, reducing the low-speed transmission torque, to achieve the purpose of overload protection.

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