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Design And Selection Of Forged Steel Couplings
Jun 23, 2017

Forged steel couplings is the mechanical axis of the drive shaft and driven shaft, used to transmit the mechanical elements of power, almost all of the manufacturing machinery are used. Its forging process  basic role is to absorb the eccentricity of both axes, deflection angle and axial displacement error, the smooth transmission of power.

Forged steel couplings According to the purpose of use, the type of coupling is also varied. In recent years due to the rapid development of servo motors, to meet the needs of high-speed and high-precision control more and more stressed. Especially in the motion control is very representative. For high-performance mechanical coupling on the main metal coupling, such as metal plate spring type (also known as metal diaphragm type) and coil spring type. Due to the hysteresis loss of the coupling and the impact of the backlash on the mechanical system response and positioning accuracy is very large, so the use must be very careful.

Each forging process of the forged steel couplings has its own characteristics and suitable range, the basic to meet the needs of a variety of conditions, under normal circumstances, designers do not need to design their own forged steel couplings, only in the existing standard forged steel Device can not meet the needs of their own design when the coupling. Standard forged steel couplings easy to buy, the price than the design of non-standard coupling to be much cheaper. In the many standard coupling, the right choice for their own needs the best coupling, related to the mechanical product shaft drive work performance, reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, Economy and a series of problems, but also related to the quality of mechanical products. Designers in the selection of coupling should be based on the shaft from the shaft drive and the need to select the coupling, should avoid simply consider the main and driven side coupling selection coupling.

Star elastic forged steel couplings polyurethane plastic for the elastic components, with a buffer, shock absorption, wear, easy disassembly, etc., operating temperature -35 ~ +80 degrees. Can be interchangeable with the West Germany ROTEX coupling. The polyurethane elastomer is limited by the convex claw block to avoid external deformation due to the internal deformation and centrifugal force generated by the impact. The concave surface of the pawl makes the surface pressure on the involute tooth very small and the teeth are overloaded , Teeth still do not wear or deformation. SL cross slide coupling (Q / JL03-2001): cross slide forged steel couplings, also known as metal slider coupling, the slider was round, made of steel or wear-resistant alloy, In the lower speed, transmission torque larger transmission. The cross slider coupling consists of two half-couplings with recesses on the end face and an intermediate disc with tabs on both sides. Because the teeth can slide in the groove, it can compensate for the installation and operation of the relative displacement between the two axes.

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