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CNC Machined Parts Center To Achieve Automatic Tool Change And Spindle Set
Jun 23, 2017

CNC Machined Parts center unique knife can achieve automatic tool change and spindle orientation, more suitable for the pipeline product processing, so the price is higher than the average CNC machine tools. The correct selection is to use a good machining center, CNC Machined Parts center to play the key to the effectiveness of enterprises to choose the processing center model is also cautious.

CNC Machined Parts center selection Raiders:

1 selection process

Correctly and comprehensively understand the machining center is the basis of the selection order, to the processing center of the performance, characteristics, type, the main parameters, functions, scope, lack of comprehensive and detailed understanding and master. On the basis of full knowledge, the following procedures can be carried out.

2 selection

Consider the CNC Machined Parts center process, equipment, good processing object, scope and price and other factors, according to the selected parts of the family to choose. Such as the processing of two or more parts or around the radial radial arrangement of the hole system, surface processing, such as a variety of boxes, should be selected horizontal machining center; single-sided processing of the workpiece, such as various board parts , The choice of vertical machining center; processing complex surface, such as the guide wheel, the engine on the whole impeller, optional five-axis machining center; workpiece position accuracy requirements are higher, the use of horizontal machining center. In a fixture to be completed in the multi-faceted processing, you can choose five-sided machining center; when the workpiece size is large, such as machine bed, column, optional gantry machining center. Of course, the above points are not certain, especially CNC machine tools are moving in the direction of compound, and ultimately to the process requirements and the balance of funds to make a decision under the conditions.

CNC Machined Parts have the following advantages:

① greatly reduce the number of tooling, processing complex shape of the parts do not need complex tooling. To change the shape and size of CNC Machined Parts, only need to modify the parts processing procedures for new product development and modification.

② processing quality and stability, high precision, repeat the high precision, to meet the processing requirements of the aircraft.

③ more varieties, small batch production conditions, high production efficiency, can reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection time, and because the use of the best cutting the amount of cutting time.

④ can be processed conventional methods difficult to process the complex surface, and even processing some of the processing can not be observed parts.

The disadvantage of CNC Machined Parts is that the machine equipment is expensive and requires a high level of maintenance personnel.

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