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Application Of Forged Blocks Technology In Cold Forging Heat Sink
Oct 20, 2017

Forged Blocks process is to heat the aluminum plate after heating aluminum to the drop point, the use of high pressure filled with the mold and the formation of its advantages is the fin height can reach more than 50mm, thickness 1mm below, the same volume can be the largest Heat dissipation area, and forging easy to get good dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

But Forged Blocks, due to the plastic deformation of the plastic when there will be necking phenomenon, so that the heat sink is easy to have a thick, highly uneven situation, and thus affect the heat efficiency, because the plasticity of the metal is low, easy to produce deformation cracking, deformation resistance , The need for large tonnage (500 tons or more) forging machinery, but also because of the high cost of equipment and molds and lead to high product costs. And because of the high cost of equipment and mold, unless the mass production or the cost is too high.

Forged Blocks The world is currently capable of producing cold forging heat sink manufacturers are not many, the most famous is Japan's ALPHA, and Taiwan is Taisol, MALICO-too industry technology. The advantage of cold forging is that it can produce a heat sink with a large heat dissipation area than aluminum, and because the aluminum extrusion process is stretching, the aluminum metal structure is stretched in the horizontal direction and the cold satin direction is vertically compressed For the heat, the cold forging a larger advantage, the disadvantage is the high cost, there are technology to produce the manufacturers are not many.

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