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A Brief Introduction To The Technology Of Precision Machining Parts
May 31, 2017

Precision processing technology is the key technology of advanced equipment manufacturing, a national industrial Precision Machining Parts technology advanced technology, the country's manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry will be very leading. In the past, due to China's precision parts processing technology and equipment behind, can not be small-caliber, high precision, complex shape of precision parts processing, seriously affected the relevant areas of technological progress. Since the 1980s, our country after the reform and opening up, the introduction of large quantities of talent and equipment, coupled with more than 30 years after our country's own enterprises continue to struggle and independent innovation, has broken through the high-precision machine tool precision movement design, efficient Magneto-rheological polishing solution, ion beam stabilization control, optical element sub-nanometer full-band error control and other Precision Machining Parts technology, in this context, for many years has passed, our country's Precision Machining Parts technology has finally broken the developed countries on the precision Processing equipment, technology blockade, so that China has become the United States, Germany, Japan, after a comprehensive self-processing of various precision parts processing technology countries. There are statistics that there are a lot of developed, but through the Internet or foreign trade companies and other channels, to find some of our domestic Precision Machining Parts enterprises to help them outside the processing, from which we can see that our domestic Precision Machining Parts technology is recognized by the world, has reached The world level.

While we are happy for the progress of domestic enterprises at the same time, we must be sober, we have reached the world standard of high-level Precision Machining Parts technology, but our country engaged in this one of the enterprises, most of the equipment or the introduction of other developed countries, In particular, Germany, Japan's machine tool, is now our country engaged in precision parts processing industry, the main force, so that we have progress colleagues can not numb, must recognize their own situation. Strive to do not be subject to any person, their own efforts to develop hard.

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