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The purpose of the hydraulic press
Oct 22, 2016

Hydraulic press is a kind of liquid as working medium, used to transfer energy to achieve various machines. Hydraulic press except for forging forming, can also be used to rectify, pressure equipment, packaging, briquetting and clamp, etc. Hydraulic press, including hydraulic press and hydraulic press. Water-base fluid as working medium, called hydraulic press, called hydraulic press with oil as working medium. General use of the specifications of the hydraulic press for nominal work force (thousands of cows) or nominal tonnage (tons) said. Most of forging hydraulic press hydraulic press, high tonnage. To decrease the size of equipment, large-scale forging hydraulic press are commonly used high pressure (around 35 million mpa), ultrahigh pressure sometimes with more than 100 million mpa. Other USES of hydraulic press, usually use 6 ~ 25 million mpa work pressure. The hydraulic press tonnage is lower than hydraulic press.

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