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The classification of the forging
Oct 22, 2016

Metal forging companies vary according to equipment, die forging die forging hammer, crank press die forging, die forging hammer forging machine, friction press [1] die forging, etc. Die forging hammer on the equipment used for die forging hammer, usually in the form of air forging hammer, the complex shape of forgings, preliminary forming blocking mold cavity in the first, and then forging in the forging die cavity. On the classification according to the die structure, die accommodate excess metal flash tank, called open die; On the other hand, did not fly to accommodate excess metal burrs on forging die groove, known as the closed die forging. Directly by the original billet forming, die forging is called single-mode chamber. Forgings for complex shape, need to go through a number of workers in the same die step preformed, called the multimode chamber die forging.
Precision die forging is developed on the basis of die forging, forging some complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy of parts, such as: bevel gear, vane, aviation parts, etc.

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