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Forged gear
Dec 14, 2017


The mechanical element on the flange of a forged gear has a continuous meshing and transmission of motion and power. The application of gear in the transmission is very early. At the end of the nineteenth Century, the principle of generating the cutting method and the emergence of special machine tools and cutters for cutting with this principle appeared. With the development of production, the smoothness of gear operation was taken seriously. It is mainly used in mining machinery, petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing and other fields. The main material is 20CrMnTi 40Cr 42CrMo and so on.Over 90% of them are automobile forgings, and the cold and warm forgings account for 5.2% of the total forgings. In 2004, the total output of the national forgings was about 3 million 260 thousand tons, of which the forgings were about 2 million 440 thousand tons, and the automobile forgings accounted for about 65% of the forgings, about 1 million 600 thousand tons, while the cold and warm forgings accounted for 4 to 5% of the total amount of automobile forgings. The forgings forged by the free forging method are called large forgings on the forging hydraulic press larger than 10MN, and the production of large forgings has reached a certain scale and level.

China's gear forging industry has been developing rapidly during the "fifteen" period. In 2005, the annual output value of the gear industry increased from 24 billion RMB in 2000 to 68 billion 300 million RMB, and the compound annual growth rate is 23.27%. It has become the largest industry in China's machinery foundation. As far as market demand and production scale are concerned, China's gear industry has surpassed Italy in the world, ranking fourth in the world.



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