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Development of forging in China
Dec 08, 2017

Forging refers to the processing method for forging or forming ingot or ingot under the action of forging and pressing equipment & tools. Forging process ensures the continuity of metal fiber structure, keeps the fiber structure of forgings consistent with the shape of forgings, and ensures the integrity of metal flow lines, so as to ensure good mechanical properties and long service life of parts. Therefore, forgings are widely used in aerospace, automobile, ship, machinery, weaponry, petrochemical equipment, electric power and metallurgy.


According to the different forging process, it can be divided into free forging and die forging. Free forging is the processing method of forging parts with a certain size and mechanical properties by using the impact force or pressure to make the blank of forging in all directions free. This forging method is generally applicable to the production of single piece, small batch and heavy forgings. Die forging is a processing method for forging parts of a forging blank in a forging die with a certain shape.


Modern forging industry has a history of over 100 years in developed countries such as Europe and American countries. Advanced forging technology and forging technology have been monopolized by Germany, the United States, Japan and Russia. The development of China's forging industry started late, many key free forging products are mostly dependent on imports, but with the economic development level, increasing exchanges with foreign opportunities, forging technique and technology progress very quickly in our country, many products have been made domestically, some products have been exported abroad, and with the developed countries the competition of similar products. With the development of the economy and the progress of the equipment manufacturing industry, the forging manufacturing industry in China has entered a new period of rapid development.


From 2010 to 2014, the output of China's forgings increased from 42 million 892 thousand and 300 tons to 76 million 221 thousand and 700 tons, and the annual compound growth rate reached 15.46%. As an important branch of modern forging industry, ring-shaped forging has been developed rapidly in China in recent years.


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