Rear Axle Shaft

Rear Axle Shaft

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Product description

Product name: Rear Axle shaft

Application: Machinery, chemical and petroleum industries, mould, shipping, 
transportation, agriculture, pipeline, metallurgy, GI, etc.

Material:stainless steel

The Rear Axle shaft is a shaft that transfers power between the main retarder (differential) and the driving wheel, which is mostly solid. The inner end is connected with the semi axle gear of the differential, and the outer end is connected with the wheel hub of the driving wheel.

The axle shaft of the steering axle needs to be segmented and connected by the constant speed universal joint. The half shaft with the swinging half axle drive axle not only needs to be segmented and set up universal joint, but also needs to have a telescopic spline or a telescopic constant speed universal joint.

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Wuxi Baiye Metal Technology Co.,Ltd has professional experience in producing kinds of forged shafts. The rear axle shaft can be used in many different industries. We will produce according to your drawing.

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