Machining Shaft

Machining Shaft

Our advantage: 1) Various gears and gear shafts for auto, industrial equipments and agricultural machine. 2) Precision forging, cutting by CNC machine, Heat-treatment with high quality. 3) We can produce custom made gears and Gear shafts for you. 4) Advanced technologies and rigorous Quality...
Product description

Product name: Machining shaft

Application: Machinery, chemical and petroleum industries, mould, shipping, 
transportation, agriculture, pipeline, metallurgy, GI, etc.

Material: can be made according to customer’s requirement.

The machining shaft refers to the axis that drives the workpiece or tool to rotate on the machine tool. The main shaft is usually made up of spindle, bearing and transmission parts (gear or wheel). In a machine, it is mainly used to support transmission parts, such as gear and wheel, to transmit motion and torque, such as the spindle of a machine tool; some are used to clamp the workpiece, such as the axis of the heart. In addition, planer broaching machine and other main movement into linear movement of the machine tool, machine tool spindle parts are most. The kinematic accuracy and structural stiffness of the spindle components are important factors to determine the machining quality and the cutting efficiency

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Different types of machining shaft can be produced and designed by Wuxi Baiye Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. We have much successful experience in the production and we have professional technology. Any inquiry about maching shaft, feel free to contact us.

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