Pinion Gear

Pinion Gear

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Product description

Product name: Pinion Gear

Application: Machinery, chemical and petroleum industries, mould, shipping, 
transportation, agriculture, pipeline, metallurgy, GI, etc.

Material: carbon steel

Heat treatment: can be done according to customer’s requirement.

Pinion gear is a kind of transmission component, which is divided into positive teeth, skew teeth, and parachute teeth according to different shapes. The gear foundation contains the basic parameters of the gear and the laws it follows.

The modulus represents the size of the tooth.

The modulus is a reference pitch with the PI (PI) ratio in millimeters (mm).

In addition to the modulus, the size of the gear teeth is also CP (circumference: Circular pitch) and DP (Diametral pitch).

The pitch is the length of the dividing circle between the equivalent points on the two adjacent teeth.

The diameter of the dividing circle is the reference diameter of the gear.

The two main factors determining the size of a gear are modulus and number of teeth, and the diameter of the indexing circle equals the product of the number of teeth and the modulus (end).

In the past, the diametre of the indexing circle was called the base diameter. Recently, according to the ISO standard, it is unified as the diameter of the dividing circle.

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Wuxi Baiye Metal Technology Co.,Ltd can design and customize different kinds of forged pinion,pinion gears, we can produce according to customer’s drawing or sample.

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