Metal Gear

Metal Gear

Our advantage: 1) Various gears and gear shafts for auto, industrial equipments and agricultural machine. 2) Precision forging, cutting by CNC machine, Heat-treatment with high quality. 3) We can produce custom made gears and Gear shafts for you. 4) Advanced technologies and rigorous Quality...
Product description

Product name: Metal Gear

Quality certificate:ISO9001:2008

Application: Machinery, chemical and petroleum industries, mould, shipping, 
transportation, agriculture, pipeline, metallurgy, GI, etc.

Material: Alloy steel, can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Metal gear is a mechanical part with teeth that can be meshed with each other. It is widely used in the field of mechanical transmission and the whole field of machinery. The modern gear technology has been achieved: the gear modulus is 0.004 to 100 millimeters, the gear diameter is from 1 millimeters to 150 meters, the transmission power can reach up to one hundred thousand KW, the speed can reach hundreds of thousands of RPM, and the highest circumferential speed reaches 300 m / s.

With the development of production, the stability of gear operation has been paid much attention. In 1674, Danish astronomer Romer first proposed the use of an external cycloid as the profile curve to get a smooth running gear.

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Metal gear is the gear made of all metals, in different shapes and sizes. Wuxi Baiye Metal Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of metal gears for many years and we have very experienced technology and engineering team. Our products are very popular to clients all over the world.

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