Machining Gear

Machining Gear

Our advantage: 1) Various gears and gear shafts for auto, industrial equipments and agricultural machine. 2) Precision forging, cutting by CNC machine, Heat-treatment with high quality. 3) We can produce custom made gears and Gear shafts for you. 4) Advanced technologies and rigorous Quality...
Product description

Product name: Machining Gears

Quality certificate: ISO9001:2008

Application: used for petroleum industry

Material: can be customized

Origin: Jiangsu,China

According to the shape of gear can also be divided into cylindrical gears, bevel gear and non-circular gear, rack, worm gear; tooth shape is divided into straight gear, helical gear, herringbone gear, gear curve; in the tooth's surface into gear, gear; manufacturing methods can be divided into casting, gear cutting for gear, gear, gear rolling sintering etc..

The manufacturing material and heat treatment process of the gear have a great influence on the bearing capacity and size weight of the gear. Before 1950s, the gear was made of carbon steel, and the alloy steel was converted to the alloy steel in 60s, and the surface hardened steel was used in 70s. According to the hardness, the tooth surface can be divided into two kinds of soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface.

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Wuxi Baiye Metal Co., Ltd. is a growth type enterprise with stronger development potential, the industry mainly engaged in the field of machining of metal products and precision mechanical parts as well as flanges and forgings.

Our company has the strength of integrated production from forging, thermal treatment, machining, physical and chemical inspection and surface treatment to packaging and delivery. Our employees are composed of technological backbones of the forging industry. Our company boasts abundant production experience, high-end production equipment, advanced production process, perfect quality inspection, reliable after-sales service and excellent enterprise reputation, providing a firm cooperation basis for customers at home and abroad.

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